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Grow your business, increase your ticket sales and engage with more customers by using our ticketing, marketing and smart pricing solution for events, festivals and nightclubs.


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Centralised ticketing system

Use a single and centralised ticketing system to manage your online and at-the-door ticket sales, guest lists and other reservations. Access all bookings in real time from your organiser account.

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Maximise your revenue

Increase your revenue by adapting the price of your tickets to meet the effective demand. Our algorithm predicts your sales and recommends an optimal pricing based on your historical data.

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Optimise your marketing

We provide the insights you need to better target the promotion of your events and boost your online sales. Take advantage of your customer database to better target your communications.

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Analytical tools

With real-time statistics, learn more about your customers. Discover the participation rate of your parties, the channels that bring you the most sales and better plan your marketing efforts. 

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Mobile access control

Enjoy a smooth, secure and professional access control. Quickly welcome a large number of participants by simply scanning their unique QR code with the help of a smartphone. 

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Get started quickly

Create your events from scratch or duplicate your existing events and modify them in 5 minutes. The publication on the channels of your choice is done instantly and online sales are activated.

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We are very satisfied with our collaboration with Smeetz. They are always very responsive to our requests, from start to finish and even after the event. We highly recommend Smeetz, both for their platform and for the team that runs it!


Communication and press relations officer, SPAS Organisation

We have trusted Smeetz from the very beginning, and we are completely satisfied with the result. We sensed great potential right from the start, which has been confirmed over time. The team is very reactive, always available and innovative. We foresee our future and growth with Smeetz, so we can only recommend them.


Director, Afterseason Festival


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